Jan. 7, 2023

Tax Advantage Program

We can do your taxes for LESS money out of YOUR pocket! Our Tax Advantage Deal is set up to help you with a down payment on your next vehicle.

If you’re a current customer and want to get ahead/caught up on payments, this is a PERFECT way to do that. You could even qualify for a cash advance up to $6000!!

Ready to get started?

Things to bring:

  • 1. Driver license
  • 2 Social Security Cards for yourself, spouse, and dependents (if filing with spouse/dependents)
  • 3. All income (W2’s, 1099’s, Social Security, unemployment, interest statements, etc)
  • 4. All deductions (mortgage statements, student loan interest, daycare, business expenses, etc)
  • 5. Miscellaneous forms (1098-T, IRA, healthcare, etc)

Let us show you why Wholesalecars.com is the OBVIOUS CHOICE!



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